run4schools is a personal fundraiser blog by Carsten Warga.

I will be challenging myself to impossible running challenges to raise awareness and funds for Pencils of Promise. Pencils of Promise is a for purpose organisation that builds schools, trains teachers and funds scholarships. 100% of online donations go to PoP programs.

Why build schools?

As a father of two children, I know how important education is.

Yet for many children even the most basic form of education is impossible to get.

I believe that nothing is really impossible and therefor I made it my goal to challenge the impossible and help children to get access to proper education.

I found Pencils of Promise (or PoP) and could learn for myself how awesome their charity is and how they help children to get access to education. Actions that are essential to give children a brighter future.

That’s why I am doing this, that’s why we got run4schools.

Make a difference

I actively support Pencils of Promise, yet I want to do more than just donate money. So I asked myself “What else can I do?” The answer was easy.

I can spend time, use my brains and my fitness to make a difference.

That said, I designed and developed this run4schools blog, its social media pages and decided to do impossible running challenges.

Don’t get me wrong, running a marathon is obviously something possible to do. However, if you are like me and never even bothered to run more than 1k at school, it feels rather impossible.

At least it felt impossible just a few months ago and is something I never dreamed of doing.


Because I never tried to do it and because other people told me I couldn’t do it.

Thanks to Joel Runyon from Impossible HQ

I know better now. I found his blog earlier this year and it hit me right away. He reminded me, that I have actually done a lot of things in life, people considered impossible.

At the university, I decided to study Marketing China instead of  “only” marketing. Guess what, people told me that it is crazy.

After university, I decided to pack up my stuff and to try my luck in China. Yeah you guessed right, people thought I am nuts.

A couple of years ago, I called my boss, told him I quit my job and I opened my own design company in Hong Kong. Haha you are right, there were the same people again, telling me how insane that is.

Well, guess what?

Today I am running a design studio with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Germany.

Agreed, it sounds bigger than it is, we are still a small design company. Nevertheless it is mine and I work hard for it every day.

All this despite everybody telling me it is IMPOSSIBLE.

Why I needed those cold showers?

If you know Joel’s website, you know why I am suddenly talking about cold showers, if not let me quickly explain.

The first step in Joel’s quest of doing the impossible, is to take an ice cold shower for 30 days in a row. Not just a short icebucket thingy, a full 5 minutes shower to get your ass up and do the impossible every day.

As Joel says:

“If you can’t do something uncomfortable and difficult for 5 minutes in the shower – how the hell are you going to do something uncomfortable or difficult in real life?”

The moment it hit me

All the things in my life that are worth talking about, are the things people told me they are impossible. So I decided to make the rest of my life a mission impossible.

I want to be working every day on something that seems impossible. So I wrote down my very own impossible list.

Among other things, I have the mission to build schools for children in need and to run a marathon.

The idea was born –

An even better idea than to do impossible things one after the other, is to combine them if possible.

Many people are using marathons as a fundraiser, so I decided to take it one step further.

I created a blog around the topic run4schools to create awareness of my challenges and raise money for charity.

Running a marathon will just be the first step.

I am aiming to do many impossible running missions thereafter. I will keep on challenging myself and promoting this cause. I want to get many school projects on its way – with your help of course.

A blog to inspire

On run4schools I will tell my story about running a marathon. The ups and downs to reach this goal. Success and set backs.

Run4schools wants to  inspire you to do your very own missions impossible. I hope run4schools can help you find your own goals in life, lends you a hand to get up, when you are down and keeps you moving, when it gets tough.

I need your help

Of course running a blog and a marathon will not suddenly build schools on its own. So here I am, asking for your help.

Yes, here it comes, he is asking for your money!

Well, yes and no.

I will be extremely happy if you click this donate link  and help me raise funds for Pencils of Promise, but I’d also like you to share this blog with your friends and colleagues to raise more awareness for run4schools.

Join me on my way

Some of you out there won’t be interested in my challenges, if you are still reading this, you can leave now. No worries, no hard feelings.

The ones that are still here and got interested in run4schools, click this contact button and send me a message.

Tell me your story and why you want to do the impossible.

I’d be happy to welcome you at run4schools and feature your story on this blog to raise funds and awareness together.

A team can do so much more good, than just one man.

Thank you all for your support and let nobody stop you to do something incredible.


Carsten Warga



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